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Phone: 978-771-6428

Phone: 978-771-6428

We work primarily with ages 5 to 20 years old . We are currently accepting registrations for In- Person Therapeutic Social Skills groups.

Specializing in Individual Psychotherapeutic / Counseling Services and Social Skills Groups including, but not limited to:
Anxiety, Anger Management, Depression, Relationship or Peer Conflict, Coping Strategies, Stress Reduction Skills,
ADHD / Learning Disabilities, Autism, Processing Disorders, Social Perceptual / Social Communication Skills
and School Support Assistance.

Individual Therapy Services are Virtual and the Therapeutic Social Skills Groups are In-Person


Our Mission

To offer combinations of therapeutic / counseling services and groups with direct instruction of social skills, coping strategies, organizational techniques or individual behavior plans that provide clients with the necessary tools to overcome stressors, fears, loss, relationship conflicts and social challenges. Our goal is to develop resiliency and flexibility in the reactions that our clients exhibit.

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